Video Review: All Saints “Lady Marmalade”

Lit in teal, a group of people dance in the hallway of a club in a skyscraper. Shaznay, Natalie, Nicole and Melanie dance against the ruby red painted stage. Lights flash electric blue as the people dance. Natalie walks off the stage and into the crowd.

Champagne bottles shake on the table in the corner. The lamps fall onto the floor.The tumblers behind the bar rattle on the shelf. The dance floor cracks and gives way. Shaznay jumps down to the makeshift first floor as people continue to dance. The ceiling breaks and lifts up. People rush into the hallway. The ceiling crashes to the floor.

Rating: 3/5

Shaznay lies on the ground and calls out for help. She sees Natalie knocked unconscious and urges her to wake up. Nicole says she hears sirens. A young man says someone called 911. They should be here soon. Shaznay winces as she tries to crawl. Melanie tells her not to move. Shaznay responds that she has to check on Natalie. Nicole says it’s going to be okay. Shaznay shouts “help!”

Melanie reads the news article about the incident at the club. She says it’s the owner’s fault. The building wasn’t up to code. Natalie asks if anyone can take her to her doctor’s appointment. Shaznay says she’ll go with her. Natalie says after the MRI, she doesn’t want to be by herself in the hospital again. Nicole says the waiting was horrible for them, too.

Melanie hugs a survivor at a fundraiser for the injured. Natalie says they were fortunate to be alive. A young man tells her two people are still in critical condition. He hopes they pull through. Shaznay says they’ll be praying for them. A young woman rants about the owner blaming the people for stomping on the floor. Melanie says he’s trying to avoid a lawsuit. The young woman says she keeps returning back the night. Natalie says she can’t forget it, either. Shaznay sits next to her and puts her arm around her. Natalie twirls her spaghetti on her fork.

Director: N/A Year: 1998

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