Video Review: YoungBoy Never Broke Again “Make No Sense”

In a frozen kitchen, a young woman picks up an ice bag from the cooler. YoungBoy Never Broke Again walks past the table as she and another young woman chip at the ice. Snow covers the pots and pans on the stove. The young woman opens the empty refrigerator. He sits in a chair and rests his foot on the table.

He stands by a display of rims in a store. His friends dance on the sidewalk and graffiti the buildings in the city as he walks by them. He sits by a vanity as his clothes hang on the rack. Back on the sidewalk, he spray paints the brick wall of the building while his friend makes a call on the payphone. A white cat walks on the sidewalk. His hand, outlined with red lines, has animated flames burning on his skin.

His friends smoke and dance by the wall.

Rating: 2.5/5

YoungBoy Never Broke Again picks up his friends at the airport. He helps them with their bags and asks them about their flight. His friends says first-class is going to be their standard from now on. He says it’s great and wanted them to experience it for themselves.

His friends say they could stay at a hotel. He says he has extra rooms in his home and they can stay with him. His friends’ jaws drop as they walk into his home. They tell him he did good. He says he bought it several months ago and it’s the longest he’s been in it. His friends say they are tired. He nods and says he’ll see them in the morning.

In the morning, he makes breakfast for his friends. While they eat, he asks them how they feel about moving to California eventually. They say it’s a possibility. He says it’s lonely and could use some company. He adds they could be his entourage. He says he wants to give them a tour of the city. They bring their plates to the sink and respond with “sure.”

He pays for the entrance fees for them and asks about people back home. The driver takes them home. His friends say they are going to rest up tomorrow. He cancel his reservations at the exclusive restaurant and searches for shows on the streaming services that they’d like. He falls asleep on the couch, remote by his chin.

Director: LouieKnows Year: 2020

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