Video Review: Martin Solveig & Roy Woods “Juliet & Romeo”

Roy Woods lies on a crimson planet. He sits up, sand falling on his shirt. While he stands, he watches the crimson rocks float above him. Martin Solveig sleeps on a sheet of ice in the sky. He sees droplets of ice move past him. As snow falls in the mountains, Woods sits on a rock. Two young men approach men and show him a locket with a picture of a young woman inside.

Lit in gold, the young woman inside the locket stands suspended against a black background.

Solveig. among the rose pink trees, accepts the locket from the two young men.

Against a translucent background of lavender and aqua, three young women dance as large bubbles bounce by them. They stand next to Woods and touch his chest. Solveig stands against a cobalt background while the young women, wearing neutral cut-out outfits, pose by him. Lines of water spin around him.

Woods, with tan markings on his faces, walks between mauve painted columns. Solveig walks past him. Against the black background, they run towards the young woman. She disappears as they jump.

The young women dance on the melting ice.

Rating: 2.5/5

The young woman had lived several decades before turning into a ethereal creature. She had been a courtesan, a queen and a governess. There was no specific name for her. Martin Solveig and Roy Woods believed she existed on another plane somewhere. Two young men had promised them proof. They gave him a locket with a recent photo. The two young men stated a riddle and advised to follow the clues.

Woods warmed his hands in a cave. His fingers, swollen and red, had become frostbitten as he dug through the snow. The whistling of the wind seemed to have been a clue. However, it led him to a translucent dream world. The young women swooned over him and claimed to be her. He knew they were lying.

Solveig had lived within icicles, hoping to discover her. He found a portal to the 18th century. As a duke, he had gained some valuable information from the two young women. They assured him he was close. He searches between the columns and sees Woods again. As they turn to one another, they see the young woman.

She was a mirage. Someone they may never know. However, they know she exists. Solveig and Woods vow to continue their search. They’ll be worthy of being in her presence someday.

Directors: NDA Paris & Nathaneal Day Year: 2020

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