Video Review: Patrice Rushen “Forget Me Nots”

A young man holds a telegram behind and dances as he waits by the elevator. He rings the bell and continues to dance inside.

Patrice Rushen dances by the piano as people smoke and sip their drinks at the tables in the lounge.

The young man knocks on door 21 and gives the person the telegram. Smoke billows around her as she stares into a second young man’s eyes.

Rushen plays the piano. She gets up and dances again. While she dances, she sees the second young woman walk in with his girlfriend. He kisses his girlfriend’s neck and glances at Rushen. A third young man plays the saxophone next to Rushen. His girlfriend stops to talk with the people at a table. He walks towards Rushen. They dance and leave together.

Rating: 3/5

Patrice Rushen tells the young man over the phone what she wants the telegram to say. He asks her, “is that it?” She answers “yes” and hangs up. She had changed what she wanted to tell the second young man at the last second. All she had to do was hope for the best.

She walks in the park and sees the couples cuddling on the benches. If the second young man responds to her, she’d suggest to go to the park on their first date. It’d give them a chance to talk. She’d seen him often at the lounge. He usually ordered a whiskey and tipped her well after her set. He had told her she belonged on a stage somewhere. She told him she was okay with the lounge. It allowed her to sing and still live at home. However, he had a possessive girlfriend who glared at her every time he talked to her.

At the lounge, he tells her he received the telegram. He says they can start their relationship now. She walks out with him. The third young man looks down and frowns. He’ll never get his chance. She’ll be a customer now, celebrating her anniversary with him while another woman sings a love song.

Director: N/A Year: 1982

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