Video Review: Sam Fischer “This City”

A television, mounted on the wall, airs its show. Within the television, Sam Fischer stands by himself in the family room at a friend’s party. He walks out of apartment building and into a parking lot. People rush to him and pick him up. He gets pushed back into the home. A young woman sits on the bed. She dances with her boyfriend. Sitting at the kitchen table, she avoids watching him leave. He leans against the wall while she attends a meeting.

As he walks on the sidewalk, people bump into him. A second young woman hugs him. A second young man knocks him onto the ground. He lies on the floor. People put their heads on his body and touch his head with their hands.

He continues to stand in the parking lot.

Rating: 3/5

Sam Fischer hangs his head. He took the wrong train again. His boss had been forgiving so far. However, it’ll be the third time over the past week. He walks into the office and his boss sigh as he passes by him. His boss takes him aside and asks him “what happened? He’s about 2 hours late.” He explains about the subway. His boss tells him he’ll help him with the subway later. Fischer says he’ll stay. His boss says that’s fine and that they’ll talk sometime today.

He holds the subway cheat sheet in his hands as he walks down the stairs. His boss was one of the better people he met in the city. On the subway, he squeezes inside and almost falls onto a young woman, who glares at him. The second young woman smiles at him. She moves over and offers him some of her seat. He sits on part of the seat and looks out the window.

A group of friends laugh as they talk in the elevator. He waves to them. One of them was his neighbor. His neighbor nods and continues to talk with his friends. His neighbor left the same at him in the morning. They talked sometimes in the elevator. He had hoped to have some friends in the city like him. Maybe he’ll be invited over someday. He texts his friends back home and walks into his apartment.

Director: Kimberly Stuckwisch Year: 2020

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