Video Review: Vanessa Williams & Brian McKnight “Love Is”

In black-and-white, a silhouette of  a young woman and young man perform a ballet routine on curtain draped stage.

Vanessa Williams slides her hand on the microphone and looks off to her right. In the far corner, Brian McKnight plays the piano while Williams sings into the microphone up front. She moves to the center. Gears roll by McKnight as he continues to play the piano.

Rating: 3/5

Vanessa Williams gives her niece some flowers after her show. Her niece introduces to her boyfriend. Williams shakes his hand and says it’s nice to meet him. Her boyfriend smiles at her while she talks with Williams about their routine. He assures that they practiced as much as they could and no one noticed anything. She puts his head on his shoulder and says she has to get changed.

Williams says she likes her niece’s boyfriend. Her husband holds her hand and he seems to be enamored with her. Williams says she felt so bad for her after she broke up with her last boyfriend. He says he’s going to let her know she can stay with them again. Williams shakes her head and says it was a difficult time.

Williams, though, would do it all over again. Her niece moved out of the city and said she wanted to get away from everything. They gave her several terms: she had to find a job and keep in contact with her mom. Her niece had pushed back against talking to her mom. Williams explains she’s worried and has to know how she’s doing. Her niece was somewhat justified in not talking to her mom. Her mom had cut her off for breaking up with the boyfriend. Her mom saw her boyfriend as a meal ticket. However, as Williams told her niece’s mom, he had destroyed her and they need to help.

Her niece’s mom waves to her and gushes about her daughter’s performance. Williams gives her a hug and asks her is she wants to go to dinner with them. She says she wants to say goodbye to her daughter and then they go. Williams grins and squeezes her husband’s hand.

Director: N/A Year: 1993

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