Video Review: Ali Gatie “What If I Told You That I Love You”

Ali Gatie walks into the scarlet red-lit parking lot of Cadillac Jack’s. He puts on his headphones and walks inside. Behind the counter, a young woman serves a meal to a customer. Gatie sits at the counter and watches her take her tray of dirty dishes. He slides his butt of the counter and walks around the restaurant.

A group of friends eat a bag of Ruffles chips at a table and talk.  She takes a carryout order to a customer sitting in their car. A young woman strokes her boyfriend’s hair as they drive. They park by the side of the road and dance in the moonlight. Gatie walks by the car alone.  A second young woman rolls the bowling ball in the lane and cheers herself. She chews out her girlfriend texting on the phone. A young man smiles at the third young woman while they he carries their bag of Ruffles chips. She pulls him into the photo booth and kisses him.

Lit in electric blue, she says goodbye to the chef while she hangs up her apron. She gets her jacket and walks into the parking lot. Gatie approaches her.

Rating: 3/5

At least Alie Gatie knew. The young woman at the diner just wanted to be friends. She said she’d like to get to know him better. They exchanged phone numbers. However, he hadn’t called her or returned to the diner yet. He wanted to try to be friends but he wasn’t sure able to do  so.

She texts him and asks him if he’s okay. She hadn’t seen him in awhile. He texts back that he’s all right. His stomach rumbles. He hadn’t gotten a decent dinner in two weeks. He says he’ll call in his carryout order. She sends him a smiley emoji. As she writes down his order, she tells him it’ll be about 10 minutes. He gets his keys and sighs.

He gives the exact change as she tells him the amount. She hands him his order and says it’s good to see him again. She adds she meant she would like to be friends. He nods and tells her to have a nice day. He places his palm on his head as he walks to his car. There were a couple other restaurants by his house. He’ll have to stop by and get their carryout menus.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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