Video Review: Kim Wilde “Say You Really Want Me”

Kim Wilde, wearing a black minidress, dances on the sidewalk, touching her hair. Young men peak out of their corners and watch her butt. One young woman slides against the wall, his jaw open. She walks into her home and dances near her bed.

Lit in electric blue, she moves her hands over her face.  It rotates to hot pink.

The young man takes off his suit jacket and shirt. He sits on the plastic chair. The second young man takes off his leather jacket by the brick wall and lets it fall to the ground.

As Wilde dances, a screen shows the young men shirtless in bed. She raises her arms over her head. Her silhouette is within the brick.

Lit in electric blue, she reaches out her hand in her room. One of the young men takes her hand. On the screen, the men lie in bed. She bites on her long necklace on the bed.

The second young woman lies on the floor, shirtless, and touches his shoulder.

Back in electric blue, she unzips the back of her dress.  In rose pink, she touches the back of a young man. She touches her nightgown and rolls back to one of the young men in bed.

One of the young man dances shirtless while she rolls around in bed, lit in electric blue, on the screen.

Back on the sidewalk, she tips her sunglasses to look at the young men. They turn away from her.

Rating: 5/5

Kim Wilde pulls on a strand of her and lets it fall while she talks with a young man. The young man stammers that the book is in the non-fiction section. She asks if he can help her find it. His palms sweat as he walks to her it. She squeezes his arm and says he must work out. He gulps and reaches for the book. She thanks him as he walks back to register.

On the sidewalk, she winks at a second young man. She smirks as he hides by the brick wall. A third young man taps her on the shoulder and asks her about the book while she sits on the bench. She closes it and says she just started it. He says he has a library he likes to show her. She nods and replies she’d like to see it. However, she’d like to get a drink first.

She kisses him in bed. He says she’s a fantastic lover. She says it’s good to be wanted. He brushes some hair away from her eyes and asks, “any guy who be foolish not to talk to you.” She touches his chest and says talking isn’t the problem. She says that they won’t even go out with her. He says she’s beautiful and tells her they can go out the weekend. She sits up in bed and says she has to get home. He pulls her back to him and kisses her. She rests her head on the pillow. There was no point to resisting.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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