Video Review: Lisa Lisa & the Cult Jam “Head To Toe”

Lisa Lisa claps as she dances in an aqua lit tunnel. She dances on the baby blue steps, outlined in hot pink. Alex, Mike and Lisa Lisa walk in silhouette on the stage. Lisa Lisa spins around as she sings into the microphone. Alex plays the guitar by some red and yellow strip of lights.  The lights flash bright pink as she performs.

Lit in hot pink, they dance in the tunnel. A half u-shaped light hangs by Mike as he drums. She sits on the steps and dances in place. She dances around the stage. While singing, she dances by Alex. Full Force sit on the steps. She blows a kiss as she stands in the tunnel.

Rating: 4/5

Lisa Lisa giggles as she bumps into one of geometric shaped lights as she dances. The stage manager says they’ll figure something out with the design. She says she’ll watch her step. The stage manager says it’ll be fixed by the next week.

Mike, Lisa Lisa and Alex view the stage as they stand further back on the floor. Lisa Lisa says they finally made it. Mike says he’s got to finish packing. Alex invites them to a party at his mother’s house. He says she wants to see him before he goes on tour. Lisa Lisa says it’s going to be the longest she’s away from her family. Mike puts his arm around her and says they’ll create new traditions. Their manager says the run-through went well and asks if they have any questions. Lisa Lisa shakes her head. Mike says how much luggage he can bring. Their manager tells them to bring what’s needed.

Lisa Lisa boards the bus and looks out the window as they head to the first city. The bus turns on the expressway and she watches the cars speed past them, driving to work or the mall. She smiles and gets a book out of her duffel bag. She stretches out her legs and turns the first page.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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