Video Review: Thomas Rhett & Jon Pardi “Beer Can’t Fix”

Thomas Rhett spreads out his arms as he stands on a boat while Jon Pardi sits next to one of their mutual friends in Key West, Florida. They walk on the beach, holding their guitars. While on the boat, they cast their fishing reels.

Rhett and Pardi ride motorcycles through the city. Pardi dances in his seat as they wait at a traffic light. Pardi continues to dance on the boat as they play their guitars. They sit on their motorcycles and play their guitars, tapping their bare feet on the sand. They walk on the water as they fish. On the boat, Rhett catches a fish. Pardi waves to a young woman, standing on the sidewalk as he drives the motorcycle. Pardi watches as his hat flies off his his head and makes a U-turn to grab it.

They fist bump as they continue to ride. Rhett takes Pardi’s hat and puts it on his head. They line dance on the beach. They ride on the sand. Pardi rolls over as he tumbles from the motorcycles. He gives two thumbs up as he stands. Rhett helps push Pardi’s motorcyle. He spills some beer on the sand and Pardi is able to start it again. They clink their beer bottles at the bar as they sit at the counter. Pardi ruffles Rhett’s hair.

Rating: 4/5

Thomas Rhett rubs his arm and says it’s sore from trying to pull in the fish. Pardi takes a picture on his phone and posts it on social media. Rhett throws it back in and says it has a family, too. Pardi cracks open a can of beer and offers one to Rhett. They sit on the boat and talk. Pardi says he’s so worn out from work. He’s been working overtime for the past month. He falls asleep on the couch almost every night and his girlfriend wakes him up in the morning. He’s worried his girlfriend is going to break up with him. Rhett tells him she understands. He should plan a date night for the both of them. Pardi nods and says it’s a good idea.

Rhett stretches out and says it’s a beautiful day. The alarm on Pardi’s phone rings. He says they need to get to their seaplane appointment. Rhett says he’s excited. Pardi says he wants to go snorkeling. Rhett steers the boat and puts his foot on the pedal. He says they are not going to miss it.

Pardi drops his duffel bag by the coat rack. His girlfriend asks him about his trip as he picks it up. He says he saw dolphins and just relaxed. She says he really needed it while she walks to the laundry room. He says he’s ready to pull another two weeks of overtime. His girlfriend says he’s been working hard and the money has been allowing them to save up. Pardi puts his arm around and says but he wants to be at home with her more. She kisses him and tells him she’s know it’s only temporary.

Director: Shaun Silva Year: 2020

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