Video Review: Endor “Pump It Up”

On a computer screen, Endor’s head, made of burned orange and gray squares, leans back and moves forward over some lasers. To the left, the waves on the soundboard move back and forth. The lyrics are written over his nose. His face turns money green and royal blue. His face becomes a ray of particles and dissolves.

The lyrics continue to be written on the screen over a multi-colored screen. They move over a pastel ocean and powder blue skyline. The lyrics scramble within the neon green. The label’s name, Defected, appears over the multiple patterns.

Endor returns to the computer screen. His head gets closer to the screen. The multiple patterns appear again. The logo sways over Earth.

Rating: 1/5

The young man discovers another pattern in the system. It crashes the computer. The young man lets out a grunt and stomps out of the room. He plays video games for an hour and cools off. He returns back to his desk and restarts his computer.

A monotone ding pierces his ears and he shuts it off again. Fixing the Endor malware was beyond his capalities. He brings it to the tech store and pleads for their help. The young woman behind the desk taps on some keys and says she may need it for a couple days. He asks for as soon as possible. She says the best he can hope for is about a week. He says they suck and leaves his information with them once they are finished.

The young woman dances in her seat as the Endor malware plays on the computer. It certainly was the problem. She sits with her chin in her hand, entranced by his face and listens to the song over and over. A message reads on the screen that all files being wiped. She cries out “no!” and hits the keys. The computer turns blue. She puts her head in her hands. The repeated listening of the song allowed the malware to destroy the computer.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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