Video Review: Klymaxx “The Men All Pause”

Against a candy red background, a young woman dances in silhouette. Joyce plays the drums on stage. She smacks her red lips. A second young woman blinks, the silhouette of the other woman in her eye. Joyce sings on stage while Robbin, Lynn, Lorena, and Bernadette perform on stage. In two orange outlined squares, Bernadette and Joyce sing.

Bernadatte walks into the bar. People turn to see the young woman standing in silhouette. A bartender slides a glass on the counter. It almost tips when it hit a person’s hand. The young woman, wearing high heels, walks into the car. Back on stage, Joyce sings into the microphone.

At Fatburger, people sit at the counter, eating their burgers and fries. The young woman puts her hand on her hip and stands by a man’s chair. The cook’s jaw drops. She walks on the counter as the men stare at her. Robbin, Lynn, Lorena, Bernadette and Joyce walk in together. The cooks shake their utensils as they sing in the kitchen.

Two thin blocks of orange move across the screen as they perform. Back at the restaurant, a cook pirouettes in the aisle.

Against a hunter green background, the young woman walks away. They continue to perform on stage.

Rating: 3/5

The young woman reaches to pick up the broken pieces of the coffee cup. The young man tells her she doesn’t have to do it. It was his fault. The server rushes over and cleans it up. A group of young men watch as she walks to a booth. Although she felt eyes were on her, she had grown used to it.

She touches up her lipstick as she waits for her burger. The busboy glances out of the corner his eye and watches her put it in her purse. He looks back at the table and takes his bucket to the kitchen once she catches him. She grins at the busboy. He seemed to be about 16 years old. It was likely his first job. She calls him over and hands him a tip. He stammers, “thank you ma’am.”

She finishes her fries and asks for a container. A fiftysomething man turns in his chair and smiles at her. She raises her arm and signals for the check. The fiftysomething man was salivating. It was freaking her out. She cashes out while he continues to stare at her. Finding her keys, she checks to see if he’s in the parking lot and gets in her car. She takes off as he walks out of the door.

Director: N/A Year: 1984

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