Video Review: Belinda Carlisle “Circle In The Sand”

Reflected on a sheet on a clothesline, Belinda Carlisle sits on a chair and watches the wave on the beach. In navy blue, the waves crash as Carlisle stands by a wooden pole within the sheet. Two sheets, featuring Carlisle in it, hang on the clothesline.

She hangs on a swing.

On both sheets, she walks on the beach. The waves roll into the sheets. Wearing gloves and a jacket, she sits on the beach in the evening. On both sheets, she sits against a rock. Back on the beach, she stands by the window of the home. She sits on a chair and watches as a geese flies by her. On both sheets, she lies on a blanket.

Back on the beach, she lies on the blanket and glances at the photographs.

Within the left sheet, the waves crash to the shore with the house in the distance. On the right sheet, Carlisle continues to sit in the chair.

Rating: 3.5/5

Belinda Carlisle looks at a photograph of her and her boyfriend. It was when they first met. She had been nervous. However, he put his arm around her and gave her a kiss. She had laughed as he took the photo. She slips it  into the sheet of the album. His birthday was coming up soon and she wanted to do something special for him. He had  a lot of family photos in the cabinets. He had mentioned getting them out every so often. However, he often forgot about it.

She smiles as she slides in a picture of him as a kid. He had to be about 7 years old. He had told her about his obsession with his toy truck. However, she grins as the truck is in almost in every photo during that year. He took it everywhere with him. He was even holding it during his baby sister’s christening.

She sips her drink, stretching out to watch the ocean. Putting her photo album in her duffel bag. she walks to the ocean and puts her feet in the water. She splashes the water with her hands and continues to walk until the water reaches her knees. It had turned out to be a lovely day. She had prepared for rain. However, it ended being warmer than anticipated. She walks back to her blanket and packs up her stuff.

Director: Peter Care Year: 1987

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