Video Review: The Weeknd “Until I Bleed Out”

The yellows and reds swirl in a circle. An outline of The Weeknd materializes as he walks. Confetti falls from the ceiling of the banquet room as The Weeknd stumbles around. Two golden chandeliers hang from the ceiling. He sits in a chair and stares at a young woman at another table.

He stands up and shields his face as the balloons and confetti whip by him. A worm sticks out in his cheek. Ants crawl on her face while they stand across from one another. He falls on the floor, gasping. As the part of the floor rotates, he stares at a copper statue of a young woman. He sits on the chair and tries to walk over the rotating platform. People pull him back to his chair.

He walks in the snow sometime at night.

Rating: 2/5

Muffled voices call out “help!” The Weeknd sees a mixture of colors as two people hover over him. One voice tells him it’s going to be okay. He turns his head to the side. A second voice asks what happened. The first voice responds that he fell over. Someone moves his arm and sees the blood. The second voice says he needs a doctor and calls 911 on their cellphone.

The Weeknd mumbles. A third voice urges him to stay with them. He tries to get up and feels several hands pull him down. The third voice tells him to be calm. The Weeknd moves his arm. He has to check his phone. The second voice asks him if there’s anyone he wants to talk to. The Weeknd mumbles his sister. The second voice says she’s going to try and asks for his password.

It was so cold. He walks on the mountain during the winter and makes a snow angel. He was a kid again. Standing up, he brushes off his suit and notices his wound has healed. He asks a young man where he is and says he looks familiar. The young man says he’s Tom. Tom asks about his mom. The Weekend says he’s looking for her. Tom says she’s not here yet and that it may be awhile. Tom says he’ll take him to his new home. They’ve been waiting for him.

Director: XO Year: 2020

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