Video Review: Benee & Gus Daperton “Supalonely”

Benee opens the refrigerator and gets out a gallon of milk. She gets the Lonely-O’s off the shelf. At the table, she picks up her spoon and drops the cereal back in the bowl. She looks out her bedroom hallway and walks down the hallway. Closing her eyes, she lies in the bathtub.

Lit in lavender, she sings into a microphone while dancing by stacked squares. Within two hot pink squares, she holds the microphone on her thigh on the left. On the right, she turns to show off her earrings.

Wearing a high-waisted dress, she dances in the park.

Back in lavender, she sleeps in the bathtub as the bubbles fly around her. Lit in ice blue, she dances in the family room. A lava lamp bubbles in a small square. She sits on the floor and watches television.

Gus Dapperton puts his hand on the screen. In the television, he raps against a lime green background. He sniffs a red rose. Sitting in the chair, he waves the rose around. He dances and presses his hands on the screen.

Back in lavender, she continues to sing into the microphone as the bubbles fall. Multiple versions of herself dance by the stacked squares.

Back in the kitchen, she stares at her bowl of cereal.

Rating: 2/5

Benee dumps her full bowl cereal in the garbage disposal. She checks her phone as she gets her book bag.. No one responded to her post last night. She had wrote about upset and frustrated she was. She had enough and was going to give up. Her mom had texted her to make sure she had taken her medication. She assured she did and waited for a response from someone from school.

Her mom drops her off at school and tells her to have a good day. At her locker, she waits for the young man to ask her how she was. He was on her page and had to know what was going on. She says that she feels so much better. However, the young man turns to one of his friends and talks to them about the baseball game last night.

In class, she invites her partner in a group project over to her house. She says they can listen to Billie Eilish on vinyl or something else, if she didn’t like it. The young woman says she can’t and they can go over their sections in class tomorrow. She nods and says okay. In between classes, she tells her mom she’ll walk home today. Her mom writes that quite a ways and asks if everything is all right. She texts  her that she wants the fresh air. As she crosses the street to the next block, she overhears a conversation between two young women as she stares at the road.

Director: Rome Year: 2020

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