Video Review: Pharrell Williams “Gust of Wind”

Pharrell Williams walks to two wooden robot heads in the forest. Women, wearing bell-sleeved white bodysuits dance. Women, in sleeveless red dresses, twirl matching ribbons as they dance with them. He stands in the center as they continue to dance on the fallen autumn leaves.

The wooden robot heads light up while a young woman, in a golden yellow dress, floats in the air. The heads continue to rise as a second young woman, in a red dress, dances in the air. They join hands and dance together. The young woman hangs on a rope as the others dance around her. The two wooden robot heads fly over them and into the sky. An outline forms of their human bodies.

Rating: 4/5

The two wooden robot heads observe Pharrell Williams as he walks through the woods. The first wooden head measures Williams’ blood pressure and heart rate. The second wooden robot head creates a report and transmits it. They determine he is not a threat. However, they make themselves known to him. Williams asks who they are and if they talk. They mutter computerized gibberish.

He walks to the young women who dance. He sits cross-legged in the center and bows. The young women hum in response. Closing his eyes, he focuses on the babbling river and the lush voices of the young women. He opens his eyes and sees he’s off the ground. He immediately falls and a young woman catches him. She points to her mind and places him gently on the ground. The two wooden robot heads continue to watch him.

Williams bows to the young women and walks away. The two wooden robot heads become human and follow him into town. Williams bumps into them and says they look familiar. The one robot says they are patrolling the area and advise him to return home. Williams says he’ll be on his way and offers to buy them some coffee. They say they are fine and tell him he is welcome back to the field at anytime.

Director: Edgar Wright Year: 2014

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