Video Review: Lionel Richie “Dancing On The Ceiling”

Lionel Richie grunts as he parks the car at the Le Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood, California. He tells his two band mates to give him “one more like tonight.” He takes the drumsticks and plays them as they walk into the hotel at night. They take the elevator. He suggests, “we ought to go on the road, guys.” In the hallway, he says, “I’m telling you, the crowd is crazy. People out there hooting and hollering like it’s Elvis, man!”

He and his two band mates walk into the room. The servers dance as they hold their trays over their heads. He walks to center and dances with his friends. Richie steps his foot on the wall and walks on it. He dances on the ceiling while his friends watch from the floor. He returns to the floor and urges his friends to join him. He helps another friend up onto the ceiling.

A table shakes on the floor above. A young man (Cheech Marin) tells his girlfriend he’ll be right back. He tilts his head as he watches Richie and his friends dance on the ceiling. He closes the door and returns to his room. Richie and his band mates dance on the floor while everyone else performs a routine on the ceiling. Rodney Dangerfield opens the door, asking “what’s happening here?” Richie, sitting on the ceiling, asks him “come on up.” Dangerfield comments that he “shouldn’t have eaten that upside down cake.” He calls to his friend, Louis to “see this.”

Rating: 3/5

Lionel Richie slides down the wall. His friends run to catch him. Richie brushes off his pants and says he’s okay. He says it’s taken plenty of practice. His friend asks him to teach him. He starts off with the wall and begins the climb. His friend almost falls and jumps back down. Rodney Dangerfield says he’s just going to watch. Richie offers him his hand. Dangerfield replies, “no way” and sits on the floor.

Dangerfield changes the record on the turntable and dances by himself while Richie bops on the ceiling. Richie lands on the floor and asks him how’s he been. Dangerfield shrugs and says about the same. Richie nudges him and moves his hips. Dangerfield shakes his hips and laughs. Richie calls him a good sport.

A group of his friends open the door. One friend exclaims they brought wine and sandwiches. Richie says he guesses they are staying awhile. Dangerfield says it was fun but he has to go. Richie says he’s going to teach him one day. Dangerfield says it could even be tomorrow. Richie waves goodbye.

Director: Stanley Donen Year: 1986

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