Video Review: Selena Gomez “Boyfriend”

In the evening, Selena Gomez gets into her car. Frogs croak in the backseat of her car as she drives. She parks at the dry cleaners and walks inside. In the back, she picks up a bottle of potion as a group of young women play cards.

She goes on three dates. While sitting in the booth, she sighs as the young man drones on. At the bar, she puts the potion on the table. She and the second young man clink their glasses. . She rubs some of the potion on her neck at the restaurant. She smiles and stares into the eyes of the third young man as they sit across from each other at the restaurant. The young man’s tongue slithers in his glass. She places her foot on the chair. The third young man covers his eyes, his hands becoming scaly. The third young man turns into a frog. She holds the frog in her hand and grins. She puts the frog in the cage and places it in her backseat.

She whispers into a fourth young man’s ear. In the booth, she pets the frog. She continues to drive. The frogs crawl by the lake.

Rating: 3/5

Selena Gomez sprinkles insects on the ground for the frogs. She pets Jerry and says he’s not eating enough. Tom licks her hand and she says he’s a good boy. She sits with them and says she has two more to join them. She asks them to be nice and share the food with them, too. Ricky wobbles over to her with a swollen stomach. She says she has to take him to the vet.

While on the date, she puts the potion away. She wasn’t looking for a boyfriend right now. She and the young man talk about their favorite movies and drinks. They bond over their love of music. They go out two times a week and he says they need to talk about what they are. She clutches the potion in her pocket and takes it out. He asks her what it is. She says it’s perfume and holds it to his nose. He grins and says it’s lovely. He asks her to put it on. She shakes her head and says she doesn’t feel like it. He opens the container and rubs it between her wrists. She says she has to go. His skin turns green while he says they can be together. He becomes a frog and she says she didn’t want it to be this way.

At the laundromat, she asks the group of young women if there’s an antidote. A young man she was interested in accidentally took it. One of the young woman says it’s a possibility. However, no one’s really asked for one before. The second young woman says they’ll look into one. She gives them Jerry and Ricky and says to please be careful. The second young woman takes the cage and says they’ll do what they can.

Director: Matty Peacock Year: 2020

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