Video Review: Drake “Toosie Slide”

The expressway in Toronto, Canada is deserted at 10:20 p.m. Stores and skyscrapers remain shuttered while the streetlights shine on the empty sidewalk.

Drake stares at his some of his gold trophies in a glass case as he walks around the award room of his mansion. He touches one of the glass cases as he heads to the entrance. On the marble floor, he performs the Toosie slide.

He makes a right and walks past his grand piano in the great room. He walks backwards the fireplace as he heads into the kitchen. A friend sits on the couch. A Nike box sits on the dining table. He sits on the marble island, bypassing the velvet chairs.

Lit in electric blue, he stands in the lounge. Posters of Diddy and Snoop Dogg hang on the wall. Making another two rights, he opens the door to the indoor pool. He dances on his patio and presses the remote control. Over the pool, fireworks go off. A friend says, “we definitely cannot run that.”

Rating: 2/5

A state of emergency was declared March 17, 2020 in Ontario, Canada due to the deadly virus, COVID-19. as reported by CTV News.  A shelter in place order was issued as local businesses and companies closed for the health of their citizens. According to the Financial Post, 500,000 people filed for unemployment. For an undetermined amount of time, they’ll be relying on their government to replace their paycheck while they search for delivery times on grocery store websites and avoid going outside.

Meanwhile, Drake thinks back to past Grammy speeches and mulls if he can call himself a legend yet.  He debates if he should take a swim in his indoor or outdoor pool. However, it’s nagging him that he doesn’t done anything to help the citizens of Toronto. He calls his assistant to find some fireworks while they get groceries. He tells his friend that while the fireworks go off, it’ll take people’s minds off the virus.

Drake buys some Nike sportswear online and plans an Instagram live with some of his friends. He reschedules music video shoots and rewatches Rihanna while she dances with PartyNextDoor online. He types out a direct message and erases it. She could care less. However, he retweets it and hopes she notices. It may be his last chance.

Director: Theo Skudra Year: 2020

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