Video Review: Tom Greenan “This Is The Place”

Tom Greenan sits on his bed and looks out the window in South Africa. Lit in neon green, several hands touch his body. In scarlet red, he sits on couch in the club.

On the beach, he puts two fingers on his head as he walks. He paces in the bedroom. Back in neon green, a young woman touches his face. As the wind blows, he walks in the desert. At night, he leans against the store window. He walks on the road and stands on a mountain while the sun sets. He struggles to rip his shirt as he continues to walk on the beach.

Lit in neon green, he and the young woman stand apart from one another. He puts his hands on his head and closes his eyes as he leans against the wall of the bedroom. Kneeling on the sand, he looks around. He falls asleep in bed.

Rating: 2/5

Tom Greenan blinks and takes another sip of his drink. It couldn’t be. She was home, declaring herself free of him online. As the neon lights rest on her, she walks to him and tells him he’s a good man. He gulps and tries to remember his name. He puts the umqombothi down and says he has to go.

There was no escaping the young woman. She was on his mind the entire time. Home had gotten to be too much for him. While sitting at his computer, he booked a flight to South Africa. He’d figure out what he needed to do there. The desert seemed to be affirm his belief that he truly was alone in the world. A hike in the mountains clouded his thinking. As he stood on top, gasping for breath, he wanted to go home.

Back in the bedroom, he bangs his fist on the wall and shouts in frustration. He had done something wrong with her. But she won’t let him fix it. He calls her and leaves a message on his phone. Yawning, he lies on the bed and falls asleep. It’s been weeks since he was able to sleep. He dreams of her as his phone beeps.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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