Video Review: Toni Braxton “You’re Makin’ Me High”

Lit in electric blue, Toni Braxton, wearing a white jumpsuit, dances on a round platform.

Wearing a white outfit, she walks into her apartment and sits on her couch. Opening her computer, she reads “Message For You, Toni.” Her message from her friends says “Yo Toni, tonight’s the night. The game is at your place this time! Call us – peace.” She makes a call. Her friends (Tisha Campbell, Erika Alexander and Vivica A. Fox) walk in the door and she spreads out her arms to hug them. They sit at her dining table, holding playing cards.

The first man walks into the elevator, wearing a USA-themed outfit and tips his hat. Braxton gives him a six. Her first friend (Tisha Campbell) cringes. Her second friend (Fox) dances in her seat as she waits for the next man. She nods as the second young man opens the door, wearing a robe and boxing gloves. A series of other men walk in the door and aren’t given any reaction. Her third friend (Alexander) pays the pizza delivery man (Bryce Wilson). Her third friend pays him and Braxton gives him a ten. She walks in front of her door, holding up her card. Her friends throw their cards at her as the door closes.

A fourth young man dances, in a striped shirt and jeans. Her second friend says “no” and gives him a three. A fourth man looks at his watch as he stands in the door. A fifth young man, with his shirt open, holds a bouquet of flowers. Her friend gives him a 10 and leaves with him. A sixth man lifts up his shirt while her third friend waves her card around.

In a cotton candy coated bathroom. Braxton sits in the bathtub while the pizza delivery man touches her leg. Wearing high heels and a business suit, she walks into room and taps a cigar on the table. The pizza delivery man stands behind her, his hands around her waist.

Standing in the door, the pizza delivery man, wearing a white shirt and dress pants, waits for Braxton. Braxton says goodbye to her friends and leaves with him.

Rating: 5/5

Toni Braxton confirmed with the men the date and time. A few of them were friends from work, who had heard of Game Night when she talked about it with her co-workers. She had recruited some people they knew from the bar. Their favorite bartenders were usually the best players, though. She had contacted some of her single male friends from college. She was hoping one of her friends would fall for them while they judged them.

Back at her house, she takes out the wine and places the crackers on the counter. As she checks on the salmon rillettes, her friends buzz on the intercom. She tells them to come up. While they walk into her apartment, she hugs them and says the appetizers are ready.

They grab their cards and in between bites, discuss the type of men they hope to see. Braxton giggles as the first young man stands in the door. He was one of the bartenders they knew. He grins as he dances in his goofy suit. She tells her friends they are too picky as they give him a low score. Her third friend places their pizza order while Braxton smiles at the second young man. The pizza delivery man hands over the pizza and stares at Braxton. Braxton scores him and he grins. She jots down the pizza delivery man’s name and remembers to ask if he’s working the next time she calls. She continues to play but thinks of the pizza delivery man. She thinks of him working with her eventually at her office.

At the end of the night, she and her friends clean up their plates and put away the cards. The door opens. It’s the pizza delivery man. He asks if it’s too late to play. Braxton says he still counts as a contestant and says they can go on their date. Her friends squeal and cheer for her to have fun as she stands in the door with him.

Director: Billie Woodruff Year: 1996

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