Video Review: Kane Brown & John Legend “Last Time I Say Sorry”

In black-and-white, John Legend sits at the piano in his home and plays. He sits on the couch. Kane Brown touches his heart as he sits on the couch in his home. Legend stands by the staircase while Brown gestures with his hands by the window. They both lie down on the couch.

Brown plays an air violin while standing by the window. Legend dances by the staircase. Brown laughs as he sits on the couch.

Rating: 3/5

Kane Brown searches for a delivery time on Instacart. He checks the list once again and places the order. His girlfriend flops onto the couch and asks him what time the order will come. He says he was able to get it for sometime tomorrow. She asks him if he put in substitutions. He replies that he forgot. She sighs and takes out her phone. She opens their account and says they have to take whatever they can get. Brown says he’ll remember for next time.

In the family room, he presses the remote and chooses a television show. She tells him they are going to clean the house once she’s done. He tells her they have all day to do it. She turns her head to look at him and tells him she has to go outside to get some fresh air. He shuts off the television and walks in the backyard. He puts his hand on her shoulder and tells her he’s sorry. She says she’s just stressed and needs some alone time. He says he’ll go to the grocery store. She shakes her head, “no” and she just wants to take a walk. He tells her to be careful.

John Legend puts the children’s toys away. His wife says they are both asleep. She rests her head on his shoulder and tells him she’s bored. He says they can play a board game or do a puzzle. She says the quiet is okay. He puts on some music. She tells him to put it lower. However, both children run out of their rooms and start to dance. She groans and tells the kids to go back to bed. They say they want to play. He tells him it’s bedtime. She walks with them back to their bedrooms. He overhears her say, “one more story and then it’s time.”

She walks back into the family room and says he could’ve helped out a little more. He says he’s sorry. He thought she had it handled. She says she’s tired and please don’t put on any music on. He knocks over a glass and rushes to clean it up. He apologizes for making so much noise. She leans forward on the couch and he tells her he’s got it. He returns back to the couch and says he’s going to sit with her. She smiles and says she’s hungry. He covers his mouth as he laughs.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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