Video Review: Kiesza “Giant In My Heart”

A thirtysomething man sighs as he stares at the paperwork in his office in New York City, New York. He holds the file folder to his chest as he walks into the elevator. He waits by the curb for the bus. A taxi swerves by him and hits puddle. He jumps but still gets his shirt muddied. On the bus, he keeps bumping into the person into him. His papers fall on the train and people step on them as they leave.

In his apartment building, he walks up 10 flights of stairs. On his floor, one of his neighbors exhales smoke in his face. He opens the refrigerator and takes out the half-eaten apple to eat for dinner. In his closet, he takes out a dress. He brushes his long, black wig in the mirror and walks on the sidewalk at night.

Kiesza performs in a small club. The thirtysomething man greets his two friends at the club. He fist pumps the bouncer as he walks inside. They dance in the front row. He records her on his phone. Kiesza touches his hand and he squeals. They talk as they wait for the subway. In the train, they dance around the pole. They stop at the party store and get some liquor.

They drink from their bottles and stare at the city. He kisses one of his friends on the side of his head. His friend peels off the label, kisses it and gives it to him. The thirtysomething man tucks it in his dress and hugs his friends.

Back at the office, two of his co-workers lecture him at his desk while he stares ahead. He takes the label out of his pocket and looks at the kiss. He pushes his co-workers and slides his work off his desk. In his drawer, he takes out his wig. While walking into his apartment building, he puts the wig on and meets his two friends as they wave to him from across the street.

Rating: 5/5

The thirtysomething man clicks on a sequined bodysuit online and buys it. Given it was in Europe, it was going to take at least a month or two to get there. He hardly splurged on anything for himself. Every paycheck went towards to rent and bills. Rent alone was almost half his paycheck. Despite his halfway decent job, he was only able to get by. He opens his refrigerator and checks the expiration date of the milk. It was a few days past. He sniffs it and doesn’t retch. He pours a glass and dances in his kitchen.

His friends text him if he’s ready to perform over the weekend. He texts that he’s nervous but he’s excited. They tell him they’ll give him all their tips for the night. He smiles and tells him he appreciates it. Before his friends, he wouldn’t even thought of wearing his dress out in public. They told him they knew of safe places to go and promised him he’d be okay. They made New York home for him.

At the club, he shows them a picture of the bodysuit he chose. They “ooh” and “ahh.” They tell him he’s going to look gorgeous in it. He says he’s going to land a man wearing it. One of his friends says there’s a young man checking him out. He says that’s sweet. His friend tells him to glance. He looks over his friend’s shoulder and sees a young man staring at him. He puts his hand to his mouth and asks them, “what do I do?” They suggest he asks him to a dance or buy him a drink. The thirtysomething man says he may be buying a few drinks just for himself to get through the conversation. As he walks over, his friends call out “good luck!” He gestures for them to be quiet.

Director: N/A Year: 2014

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