Video Review: Billie Myers “Kiss The Rain”

Billie Myers lies awake in bed while a red light flashes in her room. Lit in electric blue, she sits up and plays with her hair. She looks out the window at night. During the day, people rush by in a blur on the sidewalk. She throws the bedspread.

Looking through the peephole in her apartment, she sees a young man and woman kissing as they walk up the stairs. On the staircase, she presses a heart balloon against the wall and pops it. She watches the young woman run down the stairs.

Back on her bed, she breaks a pillow and the feathers cover her room. She lies on the feathers. In the bathroom, she writes on the mirror in lipstick. She lets the bathtub overflow and runs her hand over the water. She talks on the phone. Walking around her room, she picks up her guitar and smashes it on the table. Lying on the floor, she tries to piece the guitar back together. Holding the pieces, she rocks back and forth.

She continues to sit on the bed.

Rating: 1.5/5

The guitar had to be fixed. Billie Myers picks up the pieces and glues it together. She threads the strings and tries to play it. It falls apart. She bursts into tears. It was more than she could take at the moment. Her boyfriend hadn’t called her in a week. She had called his hotel and ranted to the clerk. The clerk told her he couldn’t give her any information. She slammed the phone on him.

Her boyfriend was probably sleeping with someone else. Although he said he loved her, she knew he wasn’t missing her. He got along with her neighbor really well. Through the peephole, she saw him taking off the clothes of a woman as they went to his apartment. Her neighbor had no shame and had given her boyfriend tips on how to cheat.

She vacuums the feathers on her floor and throws away her sheets. She finds a separate set in her linen closet and makes her bed again. Bitng her nails, willing herself to calm down. The phone rings and she says her boyfriend’s name. It was a telemarketer. She hangs up and starts to cry again.

Director: N/A Year: 1997

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