Video Review: Tory Lanez “Who Needs Love”

Tory Lanez and his friends watch the cash spin in the machine as they stand in a home. He counts the cash and sits on the table. In a car parked by the curb, a young man and woman, wearing sunglasses, study a file folder about Lanez and his friends. Lanez peeks through the blinds. Back in the car, the young man leans into the young woman, She pushes him away with her hand.

The young woman photographs them in the car as Lanez and his friends talk outside. The car drives up to the house. He and his friends run off. The young woman follows him to the concrete fence and pulls out her gun. He raises his hands. She shakes her head and runs in the opposite direction. One of Lanez’s friends pulls a gun on her. Lanez smiles as he gets up from the ground. She and the young man hug.

In a split screen, Lanez (on the left) and the young woman (right) lie in bed. The line disappears and they glance at one another. Lanez follows her and sees her letting the young man into the house. Lit in scarlet red, they sleep together. The young man walks towards her. Lanez points his gun at him.

Rating: 3/5

The young woman pleads with Tory Lanez not to shoot. She promises him immunity. He tilts his head and says he knows she’s lying. She’ll take him right to the station. She tells him he doesn’t want to shoot anybody. Lanez points the gun at her and asks her, “why? do you love him?” She tells him to please stop. He looks through the blinds of the house and sees her car in the driveway. Lanez wants to know where the police are. She says she hasn’t called anyone and doesn’t plan to. He shoots the young man. The young woman screams as he runs out of the house.

The young woman explains she came home and saw the young man’s body. She says she doesn’t know how it happened. The detective tells her it’s going to be under investigation and says she’s suspended for the time being. She clears out her desk and walks out of the station.

Lanez was going to get away with it. She had no other choice but to allow it. The detectives put together the relationship with her partner. She was out of a job. Each of her investigations have lost any credibility. Despite him shooting her lover, she still loved Lanez. But that was completely over.

Directors: Josh “Midjordan” Farias & Tory Lanez Year: 2020

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