Video Review: Travis Denning “After A Few”

Lit in wine red, Travis Denning plays the guitar in the bar.

Lit in lime green, he walks to a table and places a bet at the poker table. The dealer shuffles the cards. At the bar, he walks to the counter and orders a drink. A young woman sits next to him and they talk. Back at the game, the people place their chips in the middle as they look at their hands. He wins the hand and continues to play into the next game.

He and the young woman clink their glasses as they continue to talk. She puts her hand on his thigh. At the poker game, he puts all his chips in the middle. In the bar, he leans over to kiss and the lights turn on.

Rating: 2.5/5

The young woman says her Lyft driver is on their way and says it was nice to meet him. He says he’ll wait with her. As they walk out together, she says asks him for his phone number. He tells it to her as she enters it into her phone. He asks for hers as her driver pulls up. She opens the door and tells him. He waves goodbye as the driver starts the car.

While walking back to his apartment downtown, he thinks of how close he was. An extra minute or so, he’d been able to kiss her. He should’ve kissed her after they were joking around. However, he took too long. It was perfect moment and it was ruined. If they were to go out on a date, who knows if they could recapture the magic.

During the week, he talks to her over the phone. He realizes she’s a sweet person but he likes her as a friend. She asks him if he wants to go to the bar again. He says it sounds great and he’ll bring some of friends with him. She says “oh” and tells him she’ll see him. He texts a female friend and laughs at the meme she sent to him. He sends her a heart and asks if she’d like to go to dinner with him on Saturday. She sends back a smiley and says “sure!”

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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