Video Review: Whitney Houston, Faith Evans & Kelly Price “Heartbreak Hotel”

Whitney Houston, wearing a white coat, sits on a chair in a hotel room in the National Hotel in Miami, Florida. Standing on the beach, she claps her hands as she continues to wear the white coat. She walks off the airplane and walks to her friends, Faith Evans and Kelly Price. Price waits for her as Evans opens the passenger door for her. Price gives her a hug and kiss.

Back on the beach, she takes off the robe and carries it as she walks on the sand. Evans drives them to the entrance. Evans and Price sing by the plants in the lobby. Price, Houston and Evans walk in together and stand in the lobby. Houston dances on the beach.

A young man sits in a chair, his hand on the phone. Houston sits on the bed and walks around the room. A young woman sits with her hand on her head. Houston looks at the coat and drops it into the ocean.

Rating: 3/5

Whitney Houston walks on the beach, her fur coat wrapped around her. It was a gift from her ex-boyfriend. He told her he wanted the world to see how well he took care of her. He was buying her flowers at least a month. Inside the note was “I love you.” Kelly Price and Faith Evans, her best friends, told her it was really sweet. However, she mentioned something wasn’t right. It was unusual of him to buy things “just because.”

A third date in a row had been cancelled. She called up Price and Evans, freaking out. They both agree something was up. Houston says he’s cheating on her. She knows it. They throw it out names of it who could it be. Price mentions one of their close friends who hasn’t been around in about 3 months. Houston says it makes sense and thinks it her. Houston calls their friend and is given an excuse as to why she hasn’t been hanging out. She hears a murmuring in the background. She asks her if she was seeing anyone. The friend says it was her cat. Houston replies,”okay” and hangs up. Her boyfriend had returned later and Houston asked him he was sleeping with her friend. He couldn’t respond and she told him it was over.

During their massage, Houston thanks Evans and Price for coming with her. Price takes her hand and says she needed the weekend to decompress. Evans tells her she’s been having a tough time. Houston sits up and says she feels better. Houston says there’s something she needs to do and grabs her white fur coat.

She walks to the beach, wrapped in the fur coat. It was beautiful and the most expensive thing she ever owned. However, it didn’t mean anything to her. Her ex-boyfriend had felt guilty. She leaves it in the ocean and walks away.

Director: N/A Year: 1998


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