Video Review: Ashley O “On A Roll”

Lit in lavender, several young women lie on the floor. In rose pink, Ashley O, wearing a white crop top, boy shorts and go-go boots, stands in the center as the young women dance around her. O and continue the routine while sitting in chairs.

She draws a heart with her fingers as she dances under the rose pink spiral lights. Lit in money green, she dances on a platform in silhouette. The young women perform dancing around her. The color rotates to ruby red. O dances by herself lit in electric blue.

She bites her nail while the young women dance behind her.

In a bathtub, she puts both hands on the rim as she lies in cotton candy pink water. The young women dance by her. They dance with splashes of pink water on them. O laughs with water on her face. In black-and-white, her Aunt Catherine (Susan Pourfar) smiles and smirks.

Rating: 4/5

Ashley O gives the middle finger to the crowd, drinks some whiskey and walks off stage. Jack throws her guitar and follows O. O lights up a cigarette and crosses her legs over a chair as she sits in the dressing room. Jack slumps in the chair and tells her they played a good show. O nods and passes her the cigarette. Rachel joins them backstage and says they had a great show. The Ashley Too doll knocks itself over as it headbangs. O picks up the doll and places it next to her. The Ashley Too doll says it has some ideas. O tells her they’ll have to wait until later. She’s tired.

On the drive home to their apartment, Rachel says she liked the song they did tonight. Jack grins and says she knew would eventually. O turns her head and says one day, they’ll crack her. Rachel says she likes to give them the support. O says it’s the least fangirl thing she’s ever said and she loves her for it. Rachel says she’s more of a dance-pop girl. O and Jack both respond, “yes, we know.”

O checks her phone. She had lost hundreds of followers since she changed genres. Her videos didn’t have many views. She searches online for websites to help her generate followers. The intimate clubs were a start. However, she missed the arenas full of people and wanted to be popular again. Rachel flops on the bed and says she’s going to sleep. O continues to tap on her phone and says she’s going to have to build up her stamina for their tour. Rachel sits up and asks her where they are planning to go. O tells her, “everywhere” and signs up for a free trial to gain viral traffic.

Director: Anne Sewitsky Year: 2019

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