Video Review: Ray Parker, Jr. “The Other Woman”

Lights flash in a cemetery while a young man plays the guitar. A corpse pops out of a grave and dances. Ray Parker, Jr. walks with his girlfriend through the cemetery. They stand by a coffin and a young woman sits up. The girlfriend runs off as the young woman bares her teeth. She watches as the young woman bites his neck.

The young woman and Parker, Jr. hold hands as they run to a castle. Frankenstein opens the door for them. He defends himself with a cross and she shakes her head. He wakes up in a coffin. A wolfman and two other monsters dance as they walk down the stairs. While he stands with two young women, he plays his guitar. The monsters dance in the main room as he continues to play the guitar.

Rating: 3.5/5

Ray Parker, Jr. answers the door of the mansion. His girlfriend throws her arms around, saying “thank goodness you’re okay.” He pats her on the back, saying he’s better than he has ever been. He turns to bite her and she screams. She calls him a monster and tries to find a piece of wood. He walks behind her as she runs, telling her it won’t be of any good anyhow.

The young woman puts her hand on his shoulder and says, “now don’t be a poor guest.” She lifts up his girlfriend’s chin and says she’d make a great appetizer. Parker, Jr. replies that he’s starving but she won’t fill him up. His girlfriend says she won’t scream anymore if they let her go. She’ll be good. The young woman says, “you’ll do” and bites her. She offers her neck to Parker, Jr. He tastes her and says she’s delicious. He says he wants to turn her. The young woman shrugs and says it’s up to her.

His girlfriend wakes up in the coffin and kisses Parker, Jr. She says they can be together forever. Parker, Jr. introduces her to the other young women and says he’s has centuries to decide between them. His girlfriend growls at the other young women. The other young women murmur among themselves that she’s going to be a problem.

Director: N/A Year: 1982

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