Video Review: DaBaby “Find My Way”

At night, John (DaBaby) sits in his car and looks out his window. A young woman (B. Simone) calls his name and asks him, “are we just going to sit here?” As she closes the car door, he says to himself, “one thing I can say about life, certain situations make you really think of them, especially when the situation affects the people most important to you.” He calls up his Grandma and talks to her. However, there are some people he keeps around he doesn’t care for, like the young woman. As she gestures to him by the windshield, he thinks, “at least she’s ready to ride for me, though. When life hits you, it hits you The way I look at it, you gotta hit back.” He tells his Grandma he loves her and hangs up the phone. She asks him if he’s “all right.” He cocks his gun, saying, “let’s get this shit over with.” She grabs her gun and he pulls down his mask. He narrates, “you’re about to see someone turn into a monster for a cause. Let me show you.” They shoot their guns inside the gas station.

During the day, she takes pictures of him as he drives the car. He leans against the car on the road while she sits inside. At home, he teaches her how to hold a gun. Back in the car, they count their money. He takes off his jacket and urinates in the field. She pushes him.

At the gas station, he shoves money in the bag as she points the gun at the clerks. Back at home, they smoke. While at a diner, he holds up a gun. She mouths to him, “no.” He puts a handkerchief around his mouth and she puts hers on. He sticks his gun in a young man’s neck. They demand money from the customers. A young woman puts out her wallet. A fortysomething woman takes out her rifle from behind the counter and points it at them. They run out and drink at the bar.

Back at home, a television reporter says, “our top story is a series of robberies across California continues. Police says the suspects have been targeting small businesses. The most recent being a diner.” A second fortysomething woman watches the same station while she works as a clerk at the hotel. As she smokes, she listens as the reporter says, “witnesses report a black couple was sitting in the restaurant when all of sudden they put on masks and held people at gunpoint. They stole cash from customers inside the diner. Fortunately, no one was injured due to an unlikely hero. Witnesses say they were seen driving southbound. Police ask if anyone has information to please call and be aware the couple are armed and extremely fucking dangerous.” The reporter turns to her co-anchor, Tim, asking, “now tell us more about that toothpaste epidemic.”

The young woman walks into the hotel and tries to get the clerk’s attention as she stares at the television. She asks the clerk if she wants “the money or not.” The woman exhales smoke in her face and tells her, “60 bucks a night. Cash only.” The young woman pays. A twentysomething man, wearing Joker makeup on his face, waves to her behind the door for employees. The fortysomething woman calls up her husband and asks to “bring your guns.”

A knock on the door wakes up John. The fortysomething woman’s husband says he’s “upper management. Need to talk.” John looks through the peephole and sees several people with guns. He wakes up the young woman. The husband says he knows they are criminals. John and the young woman get their guns and hide. The clerk starts shooting. John shoots two young men.

As they drive off, John thinks, “sometimes we try to do the right thing. We just ended up doing it all wrong.”

Rating: 5/5

The young woman says she’s done. They have more than enough money for their families. John asks her about her nieces and nephews. They need a college fund. She points to the television and says it’s over. The police are after them. They aren’t getting out of it alive. Their families won’t ever see a penny. John says he has a plan. She throws up her hands, demanding to know what it is.

He suggests they’d start over in another country. Change their names. No one would ever know. They’d send money in increments to their families. He says they’ll get married and have children of their own. She says she’s not looking for a marriage proposal. She just wants to live. He tells her they’ll get through it.

He calls up his Grandma. His Grandma says she’s worried about him and his girlfriend. There’s a dangerous couple on the loose. He says they are fine and watching out for themselves. She thanks him for the money and says it was enough to pay off her medical bills. He tells her to spend it on something nice. She says she might do it.

A police car pulls up to them. An officer gets out of the car and asks for his registration. He wants to know why they were stopped. He says the car was reported sitting there and it was a simple check. He says they are good and rolls up his window. The police officer tells him to have a nice day and leaves. He drives away, glancing in his mirror as the police car changes direction.

Director: Reel Goats Year: 2020

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