Video Review: Garbage “You Look So Fine”

An eye opens wide in the middle of the dusky night sky. White light shines on Shirley and the young man (Kelly Slater) as they lie on the mountain. She sits beside him and watches him while Duke, Butch, Steve sit on the rock in silhouette. She stands up and looks at him. While sitting by him, she brushes back a strand of hair.

The white light shines on him again and he sits up. He raises his arm and puts it around her. They embrace. Lit in hot pink, she touches his waist and kisses his neck. Bathed in white light, she watches over him as he lies on the rock.

Rating: 3/5

His fingers gripped hers. He was going to wake up. Shirley leans over him, telling him she’s there and waiting for him. She explains that everything is the same back home. All he has to do is open his eyes. An angel was watching over them. She was sure of it. They were in the sky, healing them with their power.

Behind her, Duke, Butch, and Steve sit. They knew better than to say anything. It was what Shirley had to do. They had been preparing for the worst since the accident. Shirley had pulled up from the water and promised to stay with him. They didn’t trust the eye. It provided her false hope.

As he glows in the white light, she holds his hand and says there’s so much to live for. She tells him not to give up. His hands grow cold and she hangs her head. He was such a pure soul and didn’t deserve his fate. She turns to the eye and grits her teeth. The eye cared about its own power, not the lives it could save. She rests her head on the young man’s body and sings a lullaby.

Director: Stéphane Sednaoui  Year: 1999

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