Video Review: Madison Beer “Selfish”

Madison Beer lies on a gravel floor, wearing charcoal cut-out gloves and bodysuit. Sitting up, she touches her neck as the background changes to black. A tear rolls down her cheek. She looks down. Closing her eyes, she smiles. A fine rain washes over her as she rubs her arms with her hands. With her eyes closed, she tilts her head and lets the heavy rain cover her face. She lies in the pool of water.

Rating: 2.5/5

Madison Beer rubs her forehead as she sits in the parking lot of the club. Her boyfriend was drinking and dancing with another girl. She vomits in the corner and coughs. If that’s what he wanted to, she’ll just go. She opens her Lyft app and locates a driver.

She puts her high heels on the floor and lies awake on the couch. He didn’t mean it, though. His family ignored him and he didn’t know how to be really loved. She checks her phone to see if he texted her. However, it was a notification from the app.

He stumbles into the family room in the middle of the night, laughing. She wakes up and asks him why he didn’t call her. He says she knew where he was and that it was no big deal. She shakes her head and tells him he’s irresponsible. He shrugs and says he does what he wants. She puts the blanket over her and shuts off the light. Maybe tomorrow would be better. He’ll be able to sober up and they can talk it out.

Directors: Madison Beer & Jason Lester Year: 2020

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