Video Review: Michael Jackson “Remember The Time”

Sand in an hourglass swirls. The hourglass dissolves. Ancient pyramids in Egypt form and dissolve. A cat sits in a castle around 3100 B.C. It runs into another room. A lion cub licks it paws as it sits on its bed. The Queen (Iman) sighs as she sits on her throne and glances at her husband, the Pharaoh (Eddie Murphy). She watches as a female servant pours him some wine in a goblet. He takes a drink. She says, “I want to be entertained.” Rubbing his thigh, she asks, “can my pharaoh find a way to entertain his queen?” He claps his hand.

The guard (Earvin “Magic” Johnson) bangs the gong and calls out, “Behold the great Pharaoh Ramsey. I bring to you the Stick Man!” The Stick Man twirls his batons. The queen says to “throw him to the lions.” The guard wipes his foreward, commenting “oh-kay” and then says, “presenting Pyro!” Pyro waves his torches and breathes fire. She gestures for his throat to be slit. The guard comments, “that’s cold.” A wizard (Michael Jackson) walks in and the Pharaoh asks, “and what is it that you are going to do?” The wizard drops black powder on the floor. It forms a portal and he falls through. They gasp.

The wizard materializes into a human made of gold. Once fully human, he brushes off his shoulders and dances. The queen tries to catch her breath. He walks up the stairs and kisses her hand. The Pharaoh points to the guards. The wizard runs and spins, hiding in a corner. The guards search through the rooms as he dances with the young women living in the castle. The queen looks out the window and he kisses her. He dances with several young women and men. He spins and realizes he’s by himself. The Pharaoh walks in, his hands on hips. Jackson grins and slides to the stairs. The guards stop him from getting any further. He spins himself into powder.

Rating: 3/5

The queen leafs through the spell book. She places the ingredients on the floor and sits cross-legged. She chants for the wizard’s return. Opening her eyes, she waits for him. He does not materialize. The pharaoh asks her what she’s doing. She picks up her things and says she was relaxing. He tells her it’s about the wizard. She says was dabbling in spells. He asks her it never mattered to her before. She says she found a hobby, much like his love of women.

The queen gives a citizen a light sentence. The pharaoh says she has become soft and people think they are going to be able to get away with anything. The queen says she wants to build a better society. They won’t have anyone rule over if they kill them all.

The wizard appears in the room after the pharaoh has left. She hugs him and says she’d thought he’d never come back. He tells her she had the correct spell. However, it been delayed by an incorrect punctuation. She tells him they can run away together. She can help the kingdom and be who she once was. He says it’s possible. Though, it involves a transformation. She says she’s willing to do it. He holds her hand and says the spell. She opens her eyes and sees she’s on a field. He smiles at her and gestures for her to follow him. She nods and walks to him.

Director: John Singleton Year: 1992

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