Video Review: Amber “Sexual (Li Da Di)”

Amber walks up the stairs to her apartment, carrying her dog in her purse. She glances over her shoulder and sees a young man, wearing a white tank top and jeans, staring at her. She smiles to herself.

Her dog jumps off the bag as she undresses. She wraps herself in a baby blue blanket and makes a phone call. She plays with the cord as she talks. Her dog sits on a chair and barks. Sitting on her bed, she writes a bed while her dog sits next to her. She puts the note in her dog’s collar. The dog stops at the young man’s apartment. He reads the note and carries the dog back to Amber’s apartment.

She drops her blanket and sits naked with him on her bed. She rests her head on his hip while he touches her neck. They hug each other. He touches her chest as he kisses her neck.

Rating: 2/5

Amber holds her dog in her arms as the young man pets him. He smiles and says he’s a good little boy. She says he can be bossy about his walks. He says he sees her often out with him. She responds that he likes to get to know everyone, though. He pets him on the head and tells him to listen to his mom. She says it was good seeing him.

Back in her apartment, she takes off her clothes. He was gorgeous and she pictured him naked while she sat in her bed, wrapped in a sheet. Her face flushed, she finds a pen and writes a note. She tells him that “I need a visit.” Her dog licks her face and she tells him to go to his apartment.

He enters her apartment and says her dog was lonely. She stretches out on the bed and says he needs another human companion. He’s his favorite in the building. He puts her arm around her and says she’s beautiful. She whispers that she wants to be with him. Now. They stand up and she takes off the sheet. He tells her that she was a wonderful body. She touches his chest.

In the morning, she wakes with him beside her. She kisses his neck and chest. He murmurs in his sleep and opens his eyes. He asks her “again?” She says she can’t get enough. He says he can muster some energy some her. They sleep together again. Her alarm clock rings and she says to ignore it. She’s going to call into work anyhow. She doesn’t want to move from the bed. He pulls a strand of hair from her eyes and says neither does he.

Director: N/A Year: 1999

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