Video Review: Future “Tycoon”

Future prays by a shrine in his home. He sits up in bed with his girlfriend. One of his associates talks on his cell phone. He plays pool in his home. A young man raises his hands, pleading.

Future and his girlfriend stand in an airplane hanger and lean against their car. While playing pool, his girlfriend waits for her turn. He and his girlfriend drive through the city at night. A third associate puts a mask over his face and holds up his gun. Lit in teal, Future exhales smoke and points his finger as he rides in the car.

His associates walk the outside of a house at night, pointing their guns. They walk into the backyard. One of the associates tries to open the sliding door. They break into the home and exit the backyard with bags. An associates raises his hands and gets on the ground as a police officer stands by him. Future helps his girlfriend into their private plane.

Rating: 3/5

Future bows and says “amen” while standing at the mantle. His associates had a job today. He wanted them to get home safe. One of his associates had a child he wanted to meet someday. Another associate was getting married and was on his last job. He had received the invitation to the wedding and couldn’t wait to celebrate with the young man’s family.

He sits in the kitchen with his girlfriend, texting on one of his cell phones. His associates were at the warehouse, getting the materials ready. He moves some of his millions into an offshore account. Something could go wrong. She says she’s going to pack. Although both loved the mansion, they knew at some point they would have to leave it without notice. It was the nature of his work.

They drive to the airplane hanger and listen to the police scanner. A robbery was reported at the home address of where his associates were. His girlfriend walks into the plane and he sits beside her. He tells her they’ll be start over without a problem. He has some people that owe him some favors. She holds his hand and says she wants to get through it.

Director: Eif Rivera Year: 2020

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