Video Review: Rita Ora “How To Be Lonely”

Rita Ora rubs her back as she stands in her family room. Wearing white, she stands in the center of couples kissing. An arrow hits her chest and she collapses on the ground. She walks on eggs inside a warehouse and slips on them. Back in her family, she dances with a skeleton. She makes egg angels. A black grizzly bear sits with her on the couch.

She falls through burned red clouds in the sky. On the mirror in her home, she writes “Good Enough.” Bugs crawl on her face while sits by the window. She swats them away. The skeleton crawls to the couch and cuddles with her. She sits on chair against a navy blue brick wall. Standing up, she hits with an axe. She rises up in the bathtub, her body painted in gold.

A spaceship lands on Earth. She and an alien shoot at things in the street. Wearing a red dress and a plastic anatomical heart pinned to it, she lies on the train, which fills the entire room. She stands back-to-back with a duplicate version of herself with a mask covering their eyes. Back at home, she pulls off a mask of her face.

Rating: 2/5

Rita Ora looks into the mirror and smiles. With a washcloth, she cleans off some of the lipstick on the mirror. After the breakup with her ex-boyfriend, she had written “good enough.” It was a question she asked herself whenever she was with him. She doubt she’d ever would be. But she knows she was worth more than a treasured piece of art.

In their first couple months together, she was talking about him about how bored she was. He had gone off on her, telling she had to do with something with her life. She internalized it, believing she was lazy. However, if she tried to prepare for a presentation or ask for advice about what to do at work, he told her not to make any waves. She listened to him and it caused her to be fired.

After two years, though, they were a habit. They stayed home and watched television. Sometimes, they slept together. However, it wasn’t often anymore. She wanted to leave him. But she believed she couldn’t find anyone again. Being with him was like by being herself, though.

One day she decided to leave. She had fallen for someone else and realized she didn’t need him. Although it had been quick romance, she learned she was a new person without her long-term ex-boyfriend. She was finally free.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2020

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