Video Review: Kenny Chesney “Here And Now”

In silhouette, Kenny Chesney walks to the microphone on stage as the band plays. Behind him, a large screen is filled with several squares. One square counts down. Some pool balls scatter on the table. A young man rides a bull. A second young man fishes. A young woman surfs in the ocean. A third young man skydives.

Continuing with the screen, a fourth young man stands on a mountain. A fifth young man skis on the mountain. A sixth young man pilots a helicopter. An audience of people at a concert wave their arms in the air. Chesney raises his arms in the air as he faces the audience. A sixth young man rides an ATV. A wave swells in the ocean.

Rating: 3.5/5

Kenny Chesney sighs during a break at rehearsal. It was taking forever today. He checks his phone. If he gets out in an hour, he’ll be able to rent out a boat and enjoy the sunshine for awhile. The stage director asks if they can go over one more song. They need to check the lightning. Chesney shakes his head. There goes that idea.

In the next city, he leaves the hotel and drives to the dock. He rents a boat for awhile and relaxes as he puts it in cruise control. His phone vibrates and he ignores it. It was sunny day. He’d been inside a plane and a hotel for the good part of two months. A message comes through the radio that he needs to contact his manager. Chesney picks up his phone. His manager tells him he’s late for soundcheck. He says he’ll be there in about an hour. His manager says a car is coming right over.

While in the car, Chesney watches as people walk to the restaurants and laugh on the beach. Once he gets done with the tour, he wants to go to Canada. He’s traveled there maybe once and wants to visit the other cities than Toronto.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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