Video Review: The Fugees “Ready Or Not”

A message reads on the black screen: “Chapter Two. In the year of the rat, The Fugees quest for justice and  battle against intolerance continues.”

Several helicopters fly over the mountains while Lauryn, Wyclef and Pras ride boats on the ocean. Wyclef dodges the fire as makes a u-turn. They stand in a submarine. Pras looks up at the helicopters in the sky and runs through a tunnel.

A guard opens Pras’ cell and roughs him up. Pras fights back. Wyclef crawls on the ground and finds a truck. He drives into Pras’ cell. Dozens of police officers run towards them. Lauryn, Wyclef, and Pras ride motorcycles on the road. They run to a dock and dive into the water. Divers grab onto their legs and attempt to catch them. They swim to a submarine.

Rating: 4/5

Lauryn checks the dials and says they have about three day’s air left. Wyclef looks through the window and says the divers may find them by then. Pras says he’s going to go back to prison. Wyclef sits next to him and tells them they aren’t going let that happen. People had to have heard the story by now. Pras tells him he’s scared. Wyclef says they are going to make it.

Lauryn sends out a distress signal and paces as she waits for a response. She tells them they are stranded and asks for them to come as soon as possible. The person responds that a boat is nearby and should be there in a day’s time. She says to please to keep her updated.

Pras sits in the corner and sleeps. Lauryn puts a blanket over him. He had been protesting and gotten arrested. Some sources in the jail had told them he was getting abused. The advocates were demanding his freedom. They had told them to wait and be patient. However, Pras was suffering in the system. Lauryn had visited him and saw his drawn face. Back at home, she told Wyclef they had to do something.

Director: Marcus Nispel Year: 1996

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