Video Review: Kygo, Zara Larsson & Tyga “Like It Is”

A young woman rolls over in bed and looks around. She sits up. Zara Larsson dances on top of the apartment building. Wearing rollers and a tan robe, she smokes a cigarette in the bathroom. Mascara streams down her cheeks. Larsson stands against a baby blue background with a hot pink square in the middle.

The young woman writes “Lonely Hearts Club” on a flyer in lipstick and hangs it up in the building. A young man presses the button on the elevator and takes the phone number from her flyer. She lies on the couch. A second young woman sits on other side of the couch, twirling her hair. He walks into her apartment and gets a hug from the two young women.

Tyga sits on white silk sheets in his bedroom. A third young woman stands over him and he puts his head by her stomach. He walks down the hallway. The third young woman lies on the bed.

The young woman brings out three paint cans from her room and places them on the table. They rearrange the furniture and change the lighting to cobalt as they watch a film. They dance. They lean against the wall in the hallway.

The young woman smokes a cigarette against a royal blue background. The royal blue flashes as Larsson dances on the rooftop. The young man pops balloons against a canary yellow background. The second young woman looks in a mirror while standing against a ruby red background. They fall asleep on the floor in her apartment.

Rating: 3/5

The second young woman says to the young man as they bump into each other in the kitchen that the club has gotten too big. She says everyone is getting divided into cliques. The young man says some people are showing up to just be seen. The second young woman shakes her head. The young woman lets out a groan of frustration. She says that some people are missing the point and think it’s a singles event or something. The second young woman folds her arms across the chest and says she misses it just being the three of them. The young man says he’s going to tell everyone go home. The young woman tells him “thank you.”

Some of their neighbors protest and say they were invited. The young man says they are done for the night and they’ll see them tomorrow. The second young woman picks up the glasses and dishes on the floor. The young man searches the apartment to see if anyone was there. The young woman leans against the wall and sighs.

The young man puts out his sleeping bag. The young woman picks out their movie, saying she choose something fun and cheesy. The second young woman fluffs her pillow and says she needs something to take her mind off things. The young woman says they’ll like it. It was her favorite movie growing up. The young man smiles and says he knows what it is. The young woman tells him not to say anything. The second young woman laughs as the unicorns start to dance and says she should’ve known.

Director: Connor Brashier Year: 2020

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