Video Review: Mario “How Do I Breathe”

Mario lies on his mattress on the floor in his apartment. The floor rotates and becomes the ceiling. He and his girlfriend argue in the apartment. Back on the ceiling, he walks to the window and sees an image of his girlfriend. She carries a box out of the apartment and closes the door.

Wearing a white dress shirt and pants, he dances against a royal blue background.

Continuing upside down, he walks on the awning of the apartment building. He and his girlfriend sit together in bed. Back in the upside down, he walks on the bridges as traffic passes and in a tunnel. He looks at pictures of them in his phone. He takes the subway and meets the eyes of a young woman.

The bus stop rotates and returns to the sidewalk. They sit close to one another and touch each other’s faces. He kisses her.

Rating: 3/5

The subway trains continued to their routes. The neighbor upstairs restarted her yoga routine for the third time. Mario, though, was trying to deal with his new normal. His girlfriend moved out of the apartment and hadn’t talked to him in three months. Some of her stuff was there. He didn’t want to throw it away, just in case if she came back for it.

He decides to get some fresh air. While taking a walk, he checks out some apartments. Living in the apartment was difficult without her. He takes the steps to the subway. Maybe he’ll go get out of the city completely and live in the suburbs. A young woman smiles at him. She was gorgeous. He follows her out into the platform and asks her name. They talk for an hour and she says she has to get on the bus. He says he’ll wait with her. They kiss and plan to meet up during the weekend.

Back on the subway, he calls up one of the apartment’s landlords and puts a bid on an apartment. He was ready to start over. The young woman gave him hope that things could change. He could have the marriage and kids, the life he always wanted.

Director: Melina MatsoukasĀ  Year: 2007

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