Video Review: Bell Biv Devoe “When I Will See Your Smile Again?”

Michael, Ricky and Ronnie perform on stage against a lavender spiked background. It rotates to black-and-white as they dance.

A young woman sits at a booth at a restaurant. A second young woman rides her horse on the beach as the sun sets. A third young woman opens the trunk of her and puts in groceries. The young woman checks her watch and looks out the window.

Lit in royal blue, Ricky looks at smoking engine of his car. Mike sneezes and throws tissue in the basket as he sits on his bed. He vomits in the bathroom. In the kitchen, he stirs chicken noodle soup in a pot. Ricky puts a quarter in a pay phone and breaks the cord as he talks. A downpour starts and he covers himself with his coat. Ronnie sits with his dog and stares at the ocean.

The second young woman calls up Mike. Mike coughs as he gets up. He answers the phone and coughs throughout the call. The second young woman hangs up. He races to the pot of burning soup. The young woman makes a phone call at the pay phone at the restaurant, The second young woman rides her horse towards Ronnie.

In the tunnel, Ricky tries to hitch a ride and walks to the restaurant in the morning. The second young woman brings the groceries to Mike’s house and feeds him the soup. Ronnie kisses the third young woman on the beach. Mike opens the blinds and wakes up the second young woman with a red rose. He hugs her. The servers take pity on the young woman. Ricky sits with the young woman at the restaurant.

Rating: 5/5

Mike sounded terrible. He couldn’t even finish a sentence. Although he assured her he was okay, she was concerned about him. Mike tried to be strong while he was sick. However, she knew he was doing it all by himself and needed someone to take care of him. The last thing she wanted for him to get even worse.

She walks into the house and sees him lying on bed. In the cabinet, she finds a thermometer and checks his temperature. He didn’t have a fever, thank goodness. She puts the chicken soup in a bowl and tells him he needs to eat. He eats some of it and says he can’t. His throat is too dry. She puts in the refrigerator and says she’ll make him some tea.

Ricky was really late. It wasn’t like him. The young woman tells the server she’ll have a coffee and waits. The server returns and asks if she needs anything. She tells him she’s okay. After four hours, she makes a call to him. There was no answer. She walks back to the booth, her hands shaking. Now she was scared. She falls asleep in the booth. She wasn’t going anywhere until she heard or saw him.

Ricky sits on the sidewalk. It had be about 4 in the morning. He still had about 10 miles to go. It’ll take him another few hours to get to the restaurant. Even if she’s left, he could still call her and let her know he was okay. He hoped she didn’t leave late at night. Brushing off his pants, he starts to walk again.

In the window, she sees Ricky and perks up. Ricky walks to the booth and apologizes. She asks him what happened. He explains his car broke down but he needs something to drink. She calls the server over and asks for a glass of water. She says they both need to eat. He says he’s so hungry. She tells him she hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday afternoon. The server returns with water and he says they’ll both take the deluxe special. She asks to put a rush on it. The server nods and says she’ll get it to them as quickly as possible.

Director: Lionel C. Martin Year: 1991

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