Video Review: Gabby Barrett “I Hope”

Gabby Barrett sits on a chair in a barn in the evening. Her ex-boyfriend stares into his girlfriend’s eyes while they lie in bed together. He plays guitar at the kitchen table. She smiles as she picks up a fry and throws it to his mouth. He tries to catch it and misses. He gives her a beaded bracelet while they snuggle in bed. They hold hands while at the restaurant. He gazes at another young woman. The young woman smiles at him as she leaves.

He talks with the young woman on her couch. They sit on the bed and he touches the beaded bracelet he gave her. They touch each other as they lean against the kitchen counter. He talks with her as he drinks coffee at the restaurant. She stares at a young man as he walks out the door.

At night, he drives downtown and sees the young woman walking with the young man. He sits on the bed with his phone on his forehead. He texts her and flops on the bed, rubbing his face. In the shower, he looks at the floor.

He sits in the barn sometime in the evening.

Rating: 5/5

Gabby was probably laughing at him right now, thinking she dodged a bullet. He had been horrible to her. Gabby had told him karma was going to come back on him someday. He had shrugged it off and told her she was being arrogant. Their relationship hadn’t been that serious. Gabby had mentioned about moving in and it was then he started pushing her away. When they weren’t together, he was flirting with other women and openly staring at them while she was in the same room.

He had fallen for a sweet, young woman while he was with Gabby. They stayed together for about two years. But he had gotten bored. She was hanging paintings in his apartment, giving herself drawers and dropping hints.  He became attracted to the third young woman and slept with her after they just met.

The third young woman was everything the sweet woman was not. She wanted him all the time and left him out of breath. He couldn’t keep up with her current interests. He had asked her about a certain bar and she rolled her eyes. She had told him he had high hopes and that he’d never get in. Although she had been a dozen times. She said it wasn’t anything special.

Something was up. She had been cancelling dates and pulling away from him bed. His heart broke when he saw the bracelet he had given her in the trash. He had texted her, asking for another chance. He said they were meant to be together. She had told him they weren’t heading for marriage and it was fun.

He messages Gabby online and asks her how she is. After a few weeks with no response, he checks her profile and sees that he’s been blocked. He punches the wall.

Directors Taylor Kelly & Brian Vaughan Year: 2019


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