Video Review: Bridgit Mendler “Hurricane”

Bridgit Mendler lies in her bed in her apartment in London, England. She sits up.

She dances against a pale blue background. She leans against a brick wall.

She opens the door of her apartment and her best friend (Naomi Scott) gives her a hug. They take a walk and visit an art museum. At night, they take a cab. They talk as they go over a bridge. She and her best friend dance at the club.

Rating: 3/5

Bridgit Mendler tries to call her boyfriend again and leaves a message for him. She checks the cost of airplane tickets and turns her phone over. He was supposed to move into their new apartment three days ago. She texts her best friend and says she doesn’t know what to do. Her best friend says she’s coming over right away.

Her best friend says she wants to show her the city and says there more reasons to stay other than a guy. She takes her to her favorite museum. She tells her best friend that she can’t afford her apartment on her own. Her best friend says they’ll figure it out together. Mendler tells her her parents want her to come home. Her best friend asks her to consider living in London.

As she dances with her best friend, she hears her phone buzzing. Checking it, she sees it’s her boyfriend. She gestures to her best friend that it’s him and excuses herself. Her boyfriend says he wants to get together and talk. He has been doing some thinking and wants to discuss living together. She responds, “okay” and hangs up. As she walks over to a table, she knows it’s probably over but there are options. She isn’t entirely alone. Her best friend takes her arm and says they need to dance some more.

Director: Robert Hales Year: 2013

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