Video Review: Tinie & Not3s “Top Winners”

Tinie Tempah lies on the floor and taps his fingers. He sits on a chair and dances in tan tunnel. Not3s joins him in the tan tunnel.

In a garden, Tinie sits on a chair against a chestnut brown background on several television screens. Within his eye, he dances with Not3s and several young women in the a tan painted room. It becomes lit in burned orange. The screen splits into two as Tinie and Not3s dance in the burned orange lit room while a young woman dances in the tan painted room.

He continues to sit on the chair against the chestnut brown background.

Rating: 2.5/5

There were expectations that had to be met. Tinie, however, did not want to be put in a box. He wanted to be himself and worked with people he wanted to. However, it had meant sacrifice in other areas of his life. But he knew he was successful. He had fans and could exceed the expectations. He knew it.

He had to figure out who he wanted to be. Although he felt though he had given other people a platform, he hadn’t let people know who he was. However, he didn’t want to dumb himself down. Throwing around money and dancing with half-naked women wasn’t his thing. He wanted purpose to be in his work and get people to think.

However, he had needed time. He thinks he had lost it along the way somehow. His work stopped being genuine. It was simply there. He had hoped people would gain something and it’s not some shallow promotion. It couldn’t be what he got out of it anymore.

Director: Ramon Ayala Year: 2020

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