Video Review: Keri Hilson & Nelly “Lose Control”

Keri Hilson dances in an white box in the middle of a forest at night. Royal blue clouds move in the sky. A young woman dances in the forest. Several young women pull Nelly as they trudge through the forest.

Aqua lasers form a pyramid as she and the young women dance. Wearing a golden cut-out dress, she stands in the lake during the day. Several white boxes float in the air as she continues to dance. While red and white lasers spin around , Nelly touches her shoulders as she sings in the forest.

Nelly raps while a ball of fire burns in the sky. She continues to dance with the women as the lasers flash. A young woman dances underneath a violet sky.

Hilson puts her arm on Nelly’s shoulder as the lasers flash.

Rating: 4.5/5

Nelly shouts for the women to stop and let him go. One of the young women grunts and tells him to shut up. A second woman mutters that she hopes Keri Hilson likes him. The third women replies she says she can’t believe they searched for hours and he was only the man they could find.

Keri Hilson touches Nelly’s chest as the young women present him to her. She tells them they did a good job and asks where they found them. A young woman responds that he was sheltering in a cabin about 2 hours away. Hilson nods, calling him a survivor. Nelly pleads for his life. Hilson says she has no intention of killing him. She needs some company. Nelly says he’s searching for lost girlfriend. Hilson tells him that she’s going to find him on her own. She directs him to her tent and tells him they’ll get him something to eat. He must be starving.

As he eats, she calls the young women for a quick meeting. She informs them they are to look for his girlfriend. She is not to be found at all. They nod and say they’ll start tomorrow. She says she can’t be too far away. Back in the tent, she and Nelly talk about their lives. She takes note of any mentions of past girlfriends. The young women were going to be busy.

The young women return and say they think they found her. She was hiding in an abandoned diner. She says they know what to do. One of the young woman shakes her head. Hilson asks her if she has a problem. The young woman says “no” and walks to her tent.

Director: Collin Tilley Year: 2011

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