Video Review: Scotty McCreery “In Between”

In a split screen, a water tower stands in Raleigh, North Carolina on the left. On the right, the mountains are featured at night. In both, Scotty McCreedy packs his suitcase. He kisses his wife (right) and dog (left) as he leaves. The dog (right) stands with its paws on the door and barks.

Both screens a show a map of the United States with different colored pins on each state. An airplane flies (left) while he drives on the expressway (right). He looks out the window (left) while the plane flies (right). In both screens, he gets combs his hair. It changes to black-and-white.

Back in color, fans wait behind a barricade in both screens. In black-and-white, he performs on stage. It returns to color as he plays the guitar. He takes a picture on his phone (left) and tosses a beach ball into the audience (right). A plane lands at the airport (left) as he sleeps on a couch at home (right).

In both screens, he and his wife walk on the dog on a trail. At the park, he throws the dog his ball (left). His dog catches it (right) and brings it back to him. In both screens, he sits with his wife and dog at the park. It changes to rotate as he runs in the park (left) as his dog drinks water (right). Back in both screens, he and his wife hike in the mountains. It changes to black-and-white as they pose for photos.

At home, his wife puts dinner on the table (left). As he opens the wine, his dog puts his paws on the counter (right). The dog begs for food as they eat (left). They toast each other (right). It changes to black-and-white as they kiss in both screens.

In both screens, he’s performing on stage again. Fans wait for him outside the House of Blues (left). He carries his bag as he walks down the steps of the building (right). In black-and-white, he performs in both screens. It rotates to color. He talks to friends and drinks beer at the bar in both screens.

He puts on his goggles (left) as the dolphins swim (right). In black and white, he and his wife take a picture wearing their goggles. They ride a helicopter over the water. An airplane flies through both screens. The sun sets (left) as his wife sleeps on his lap (right). In black-and-white, they attend red carpet events.

Back in color, he performs on stage (left). His wife kisses him as he plays the guitar (right). In black-and-white, he continues to perform on stage, kiss his wife at home and takes flights.

Rating: 4/5

The dog barks as Scotty McCreedy knocks on the door of his home. He hears his wife to tell his dog to move and unlock. He opens the door and the dog runs to him. He kisses his wife and holds out his arms as his dog leaps into his arms. She asks him about his flight. He says it was really rough and glad to be off the plane. He puts his suitcase down and heads to bed. His wife tells the dog that Daddy needs his rest. The dog walks back to her.

The late night party before the flight with his band hadn’t been a good idea. He seemed to be permanently hungover. It had been almost a week of going to the bar after the shows. It was their tradition as one of the legs ended.

As he walks into the kitchen, after a 3 hour nap, his wife asks him if feels okay. He says he’s just tired and opens the refrigerator . She says they can get carryout tonight. He says he’s been looking forward for her spaghetti for the past two months. She says her mom is going to take care of the dog for the next leg. He nods and says he’ll be happy there. She says she has to remind her mom not to feed him too much people food.

Back on tour, his wife sleeps next to him on the flight. His band members pop open the bottle of beers in the refrigerator and his mouth waters. When his wife was around, he kept his beer drinking to a minimum. At the diner, his wife comments that one of his band members is already drunk. She puts her hand over his face as his band members bursts out into laughter. He smiles at her and it says it’s just how he band member is. The server returns with their food and grins. She asks him if he wants some of their homemade beer in the back. He shakes his head and says no. She “awws!” and says the owner saved them some. His wife gives him a dirty look. He says he appreciates it but he doesn’t drink that much. The server nods and walks back to the kitchen.

Director: Jeff Ray Year: 2019

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