Video Review: Force MD’s “Tender Love”

T.C.D. sits on the edge of the steps and talks with Mercury. Jessie greets Stevie and Trisco. They sit on the steps and listens to T.C.D. as he sings. He walks down the steps as they snap their fingers and sing with him. They turn to look at a young woman, pulling her curtain. She rests her hand underneath her chin and watches them. They walk to her window.

The young woman smiles and they return to the steps. A thirtysomething man carries a bag of groceries while his 5 year-old-daughter follows him into the apartment building. T.C.D. glances at the window and notices she’s gone. They continue to sing and say goodbye to him. T.C.D. looks at the window again.

Rating: 3.5/5

T.C.D. opens the door and talks to the guard as he walks into the building. He searches the lobby for the young woman. Sometimes, she sat in the lobby and gathered her things before going out. However, she must’ve decided to stay in today. Perhaps he’ll run into her when he leaves for work in the morning.

The young woman knocks on his apartment building. He looks through the peephole and exclaims “oh!” to himself. He composes himself and opens the door. She says she found a notebook in the lobby. He thanks her and says he thought he had it. She says to forgive her but she leafed through it and there were some beautiful lyrics. He blushes. She asks if some of the songs were about her. Certain details seemed familiar. He says it has written about it. She flips the book and points to a song. She asks him to sing to her.

While he sings, tears fall from her eyes. He had such a loving tone to his voice. She asks him to dance. They dance as he continues to sing to her. He puts his chin on her head after he finishes singing. She asks if she can put on a record. He puts his hand in his pocket and tells her it’s okay. She chooses a soulful album and plays the record. She asks for one more dance. He responds he’d like that but under one condition: if she’ll stay for dinner. She tells him yes.

Director: N/A Year: 1985

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