Video Review: Little Mix “Break Up Song”

Violet smoke swirls as a pillar stands. It opens up to a pale blue sky.  Leigh-Anne, Jesy, Perrie, and Jade turn around.

Leigh-Anne, wearing a canary yellow belted, cut-out suit stands with her hands on her hips as ruby red smoke swirls underneath her feet. Jade, wearing a white suit, turns around, her large star earring dangling on her shoulder. She points her finger and dances.

Wearing a black dress, Jesy touches her body against the scarlet red background. In a carmine cut-out suit, Perrie puts her hand on her forehead while she stands against the violet background. Leigh-Anne waves her finger. They continue to dance.

Rating: 4/5

Circa 1985, the spaceship was preparing for takeoff back to the United Kingdom. Leigh-Anne petted her robot dog. It wags its tail and barks. She picks it up and tells her she won’t be long. She blows her dog a kiss and closes the door on her home. She waves at her neighbor, Perrie. Perrie glides over in her hover board and asks her if she’s sad about their last day at work. She says she’s upset they have to return to Earth. Perrie exclaims she’s scared and doesn’t know what to expect. They left about 5 years ago and isn’t sure how she’ll cope without her robot.

Jade glides over to their desks and says it’s happy hour at the bar tonight. Jesy, wearing her black dress, she says she’s celebrating a fantastic 5 years. Jade says she’s heard back on Earth everyone is teasing their and wearing heavy makeup. Jesy shakes her head and says they’ll call them the aliens. Perrie and Leigh-Anne says they are still human and still feel the same. Jesy feels the implant in the back of her head.

They board the spaceship. Leigh-Anne holds her robot dog in her lap. Perrie hugs her robot and tells him to take care. The robot wipes it eye. She says she’ll find a way to get him home. The robot tells her “don’t leave.” Jade spins the disco ball in the space ship and dances in her seat. Jesy drinks pours herself a glass of vodka. Dealing with humans again was going to take some getting used to. Jesy had tried to take the implant one time and a red light begin blinking over her cabin. The doctors rushed over and stitched it up. The implant had no off switch. There wasn’t really any going back.

Director: N/A Year: 2020

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