Video Review: Destiny’s Child “Girl”

Beyoncé opens her laptop on the kitchen counter and sighs. She smiles as she watches Michelle and Kelly walk into her apartment. Kelly drops her suitcases. Beyoncé gives them a hug. They sit on the couch with glasses of wine ad watch Sex and the City, imagining themselves as their favorite characters.

Over brunch, Beyoncé and Michelle hold Kelly’s hand as she talks to her. Kelly tears up and explains she’s got the situation under control. At home, Kelly blows out the candles and dumps dinner in the wastebasket as her boyfriend walks in the door. Beyoncé rolls her eyes.

Kelly’s boyfriend and another young woman hold hands as they walk into a department store. Michelle, wearing a lavender hat and pantsuit, turns to watch them. She taps him on the shoulder and lets him know she saw. She calls Kelly on the her phone. her boyfriend walks into the apartment and watches Kelly twirl fuzzy handcuffs on her finger while she stands on the second floor. She handcuffs him naked to the railing and leaves the apartment, dropping the key on the floor.

Rating: 5/5

Kelly comments on Carrie’s skirt as they watch the show. Beyoncé shakes her head and says Carrie did Aidan wrong. Michelle says she was trying to move on and he ended up with the family he wanted. She says Carrie wasn’t ready for that yet. Kelly says she can relate so much to Miranda. She says her boyfriend is just like Steve, always doing something idiotic. Beyoncé and Michelle exchange worried glances. Michelle says she’s Charlotte. Beyoncé laughs and says that she’s a badass version of Charlotte. Kelly nods and says Charlotte’s tame compared to her. Michelle tells Beyoncé  she’s Carrie, with her interest in fashion and on-and-off boyfriend. Beyoncé says but without the glamorous job. Kelly says she’s getting there. Michelle tells her the next promotion is hers.

At brunch, Beyoncé tells Kelly not to get mad at her and Michelle. However, they think she needs to break up with her boyfriend. They don’t want her to get hurt. Michelle says they have a bad feeling about him. Beyoncé says she’s been trying so hard to make it work with him. However, they know she’s unhappy. She thanks them for looking out for her and says they love each other. She adds they don’t know him like she does. Michelle says they’ll be there for her no matter what.

After church, Michelle headed for the department store. She asked the clerk to show her the necklace. Kelly’s boyfriend laughs as he talks with a young woman by the bracelets. Michelle walks up to him and says he’s caught and tells the young woman that her best friend’s boyfriend. She calls up Kelly right away and informs her of the news.

Kelly didn’t want to believe it. But Michelle knew better than to mess with Jesus. She burst into tears and tore through the closet. Finding the fuzzy handcuffs, she thinks of a plan. He was also was trying to get her to have sex on the balcony. When he comes home, she says she’s been burning for him all day and asks him to take off his clothes. He grins and says she’s really up for it. As they walk to the balcony, he tells her he’s turned on. She turns the key and says there might be some women on the sidewalk, looking for a man to rescue. She walks out, feeling absolutely amazing about herself.

Director: Bryan Barber Year: 2005

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