Video Review: Jack Harlow “What’s Poppin'”

Jack Harlow stands behind the counter at the diner. At night, he dances in the parking lot with his friends. A group of women sit with him in a booth. In another booth, his friend takes a bite of his hamburger while Harlow sits next to him.

He sits with two young women at a booth. A second young woman cries as he plays with a football as he sits with her in  third booth. Wearing an apron and hat, he dances behind the counter and takes a plate. He eats a Caesar salad and throws a dart at a dartboard. He stares a young woman’s cleavage at he sits close to her in the booth. The young woman lights up a fry. At the counter, he tosses the check.

He tells off one of his friends, who cries in the bathroom. Holding a basketball, he sits with some of his friends while sports memorabilia hangs on the wall. A second young woman cleans his chin with a napkin. On a bed, one of the women tries to undo his belt. Two other women, dressed as French maids, walk to his bed. He sits in the center. Back in the booth with the two young men, he laughs at a joke and walks away.

Rating: 1/5

Jack Harlow wipes his nose with his knuckle and turns the hot dog on the grill. The hostess shouts to the kitchen that the order is wrong. Harlow puts another hot dog on the grill. Ninety cent Coney day was the worst. It was all people ordered throughout his shift. He checks the time and pulls off his apron. He says he’s going on break. The other cooks tell him it’s in the middle of the rush. In the parking lot, he smokes his cigarette, throws it on the ground and returns back to work.

His girlfriend walks in and says hello to the hostess. The hostess says she’ll tell Harlow she’s here. Harlow punches out and sits with her. He orders a salad and she jokes that he barely eats. She says she wants a Coney. He pretends to gag. She tells him to shut up. He stares at her breasts while he chews. Her chest must’ve cost about $5,000. She could’ve gone a little bit bigger, though. She tries to smoke a French fry and giggles. Their server walks by and says they should probably put that out. He rolls his eyes and says she worries too much and asks her if she wants to try. She gives them the bill. His girlfriend, says out loud, “no tip for her.”

On his day off, he invites over two other women. They say they have a surprise for him and walk out of the bathroom wearing French maid outfits. He flops on the bed and starts kissing them. After they sleep together, he checks his phone. His girlfriend texted him a dozen times. He texts back that he was busy and tells the young women he’s not tired enough yet. They touch his chest.

Director: Cole Bennett Year: 2020

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